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Aug 16, 2007

1st Anniversary

It's just unbelievable ... few more days my hubby and I will celebrate our first anniversary... Alhamdulillah the only word that I can say for this moment ... Bersyukur pada Allah SWT atas pertemuan dan jodoh aku dengan abang, and he is Mohd Fakhri Mat Saad .. my soulmate forever and ever .. insyallah ..

Walaupun pelbagai rintangan terpaksa kami lalui and definitely ... many things happend but I believe ... we need to face more in future ... what else then berusaha dan tawakal lillahitaala ..

What happend within this one year ??? .. Insyallah I'll write in my next entry ...

Takde plan lagi untuk anniversary this year .. but I do have one ... hope he likes it .. :)

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