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Mar 15, 2004

British English and American English

Semalam aku terbace satu article nih .. menarik .. selalu jugak dengar pasal American English ngan British English tapi tak nampak sangat beza nya .. so article kat bawah ni dia bagi contoh contoh kotoba yang biasa kite guna ...

Do you make phone calls with your mobile or your cell? Do you fill your car up with gas or petrol? There are many differences between American and British English, and sometimes it's hard to know which word to use. Read on and we'll show you how!

1. Appetizer or starter? A dish served before the main course is called an appetizer in British English, and a starter In American English.

2. Mobile or cell phone? In the USA, people call each other on their cell phones (cellular phones), while in Britain they use mobile phones.

3. Period or full stop? The punctuation mark used at the end of this sentence is called a period in America and a full stop in the UK.

4. CV or resume? If you apply for a job in America, you should send your resume (a list of your work experience and qualifications) to the company, while in Britain you should send your CV or curriculum vitae.

5. Football or soccer? Football is played in both the USA and the UK, but it refers to two different sports. Football in America means American football. Football in Britain is what Americans call soccer.

6. Elevator or lift? In Britain, if you don't want to use the stairs, you can take the lift. if you're in the US, you'll have to use the elevator.

7. Run or ladder? If an American has a hole in her stockings, she would say that she has a run. On the other hand, a British woman would say she has a ladder. This is confusing because a ladder also means a piece of equipment used when painting the house.

8. Gas or petrol? British drivers go to the petrol station or garage to put petrol (fuel) in their cars, while Americans go to the gas station to fill the tank with gas.

9. Economy or coach? If you prefer to travel on a budget, you can travel economy class in Britain, while in America you can travel coach. In Britain, a coach is a large, long-distance bus.

10. Autumn or Fall? In the UK, the season before Winter is called Autumn, but in the USA it is known as Fall.

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