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Oct 31, 2007

I Miss Him ... ?? Exhausted !!!

He arrived at Abu Dhabi on Saturday 27/10 last week. Seem like he's so happy being first time in oversea. Alhamdulillah .. but for me, i've no idea .. it's very difficult to describe my feeling rite now.. i just need him ...

No ... its not him .. i just need somebody to understand me as a 9th month pregnant woman who need her own time to prepare herself to meet her baby .. or maybe meet Allah as well .. or am i dead ?? .. why they never wanna understand me ? Why they said they really concern about me but actually they make me suffer all the time ? .. Abang ??? Let him enjoy his trip there ... dont wanna disturb his first trip to oversea .. although he already noticed what's going on with his wife here ..

Why nobody understand me ? what I need during this few days ? So many books say from now on even from 32 weeks baby in my tummy you need to follow your body music .. means they need to understand me ? But what happend here is I need to follow them because of they concern about me ??? haaa ... Bole gila la aku camni ....

Everybody seem to be very concern about me .. but actually they the one who make me GILA sorang-sorang !!! I feel bad and tired ... exhausted with all those nonsense things !!

I just want my own time without anybody, somebody, nobody oooorrrr everybody !! STOP IT .. dont make me more GILA fikir menda2 tak guna ..

I wanna meet my baby happily .. not because of darah tinggi or eclamsia which need me to meet him all of sudden .. please let me be myself .. I wish they read my blog .. but they dont !

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