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Sep 15, 2005

jikken , thesis , presentation .. erghhh !

i have no idea what i'm gonna write here ... i am quite busy with my thesis recently ... at list 10-5pm in lab giving a full concentration to my experiment :(...

oh yea ... my lab called "OZONE LAB" .. wow! what a coolzzz name .. ahaks ! why ?? because we produce ozone .. heheh pasni bleh pasang ekon lelame sebab kitorang dah produce ozone ... not that simple la .. however , in my project we don't need the ozone so we just flow them away la .. hehehe ...

ok i wanna story sket bout my thesis to make sure that i really understand what i am doing rite now ... it's about corona discharge ... corona discharge tu ape ??? heheh corona discharge is not a very new phenomenon but still not fully discovered by peoples .. when a needle electrode is applied with a high voltage to a board electrode..and we increase the applied voltage more and more and more untill at one value , the corona discharge happend and it happend with 3 different modes ( or sometimes 4 modes ) which call glow , streamer and spark ..... what i need here in my experiment is to produce streamer mode using the stablest way...

is it difficult ??? hihihi ... senang citer camni la .. penah dengar tak ' minus ion ' yang recently banyak digunakan dalam kipas angin , air-cond dan pembersih udara ?? aaa menda tu la semua menggunakan konsep corona discharge ni ... so kitorang tgh kaji camne cara nak stable kan streamer mode tu dengan menggunakan pelbagai cara... walaupun aku rase tema ni mesti dah didiscover oleh ramai scientist skrang tapi kat mesia it's not popular yet since aku dah try buat kajian kat mesia blom ade lagi kipas yang ade konsep minus ion .. ( if i'm not mistaken la ) .. heheheh ... mane tau pasni PIONEER nak buat kipas ke ekon ke selain speaker ngan radio .. ahahhaah bleh aa aku tolong design model baru guna konsep minus ion nie .. ahaks !!!

ape la aku ngarut nie .. ekcelli tgh tunggu senpai aku ni .. nak submit litar eksperimen yang dia suh aku buat semalam .. fhuhh banggenye aku bleh buat litar eksperimen sendiri ... tak sangka .. ahaks ! kay la nak sambung study sket .. ade presentation isnin depan .. doakan saye kay ..

till then ...

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