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Jul 3, 2008

Perfectionist !

Who ? I can say that my husband is a perfectionist .. i watched the Wanita Hari Ini just now and they were talking about this type of people .. good and bad ... for me , to have a perfectionist beside you will teach you to become a perfectionist too..

My husband will always make sure ....

1. Rumah sentiasa kemas ... anytime !

2. Habuk !! No way ... he will get the vacuum cleaner and clean everything.

3. Muadz toys ... always been washed and cleaned properly.

4. Everything to be put neatly ... no sepah sepah ..

5. He hates redundant works .. everything need to be done accordingly ... no rework ..

But sometimes I feel sooo impatient because he always make sure everything clean before going out ... arghhhh .. so stresssssful !!! orang dah tunggu dalam kete ... he's still inside ... Kekadang rase weird je .. in wut so ever points .. he's better !!

Anyway thanks sayang !!!

My lil Muhammad Muadz ... ermmm semakin pantas dan cargas !! in few more weeks he'll get his first step .. arghh tolong ... barang kat rumah sume kena sorokkk sebab die sangaaaaaaaatttt rajin mengemas .. ( skrang pun tgh duk mengemas meja PC ibu nih ... )

" Muhammad Muadz ........................... tepi sikit laaaaa sayang .. ibu nak buat keja ni ...... "

Adoooiiii tensi ..

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