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Jun 7, 2006


The date which is very important for me to start my carrier. The day that I’ve been transferred to my actual department. A day before I have a presentation with all Deputy Managers and they asked me too many questions. Why they asked me ?? Because I "hentam" every department which I felt that what they done are wrong .. or else it was just my opinion. Perhaps they accept my suggestions.

And now I already here at my seat finally. What surprised me is I need to sear for three weeks on job training in order to familiarize me with my real job. Erghhhh .. again ..

I join a group called IE .. Industrial Engineering Group which includes 5 members .. 4 guys and I’m the only girl in this group .. ( again and again .. !! erghhh ) .. Our job scope is too wide. The main job is to develop new technology or current technology to improve productivity and quality of productions.

I choose this group because it seem very exciting. Instead of Process Engineer doing their job according to designer request . our job is independent and what I have to do is to find one new technology and do some researches about that .. in possible I’ll continue the project until the end.

Nanti sambung eh ...

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