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May 4, 2005

What a nombiri day ...

errrr... a sunny day ... nothing much to do .. just came back from Almeida Byoin ... sakit ape ??? shhhh .. himitsu ... ade laaa .. can't say it here ..

all day long waiting news from itosan about sakka tournament at Saga ... cool !! already won the semifinal .. and now waiting for the final result ... lawan Hiroshima .. hopefully they could bring back the trophy again .. since they were JUARA last year .. congrats !!!

what a nombiri day ... yesterday i went to fuji matsuri with my mak ayah angkat ... also got my dinner and lunch meal from them .. lega ... takyah masak arini .. ahaks !! oshikatta yo ..

last two days .. me , mas and bal met my tutor ... kajiwara kun .. hisashiburi ni atte ... having dinner with him at sushi meijin .. thanks a lot for spending your time with us .. kawari naku yasashikute ... aaahhh .. demo .. motto kakko yoku natta wa ..naze kana ?? shakaijin ni natta kara ne ... hihihi ...

wanna have some rest !! jaaaa ...

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